34 Terms Architects Use

34 Terms Architects Use
10 Terms Architects Use

Terms Architects Use. The act of making an idea or system definite. A railing composition composed of upper and lower rails, balusters and pedestals.

Illustrated Glossary of Terms used in Military
Illustrated Glossary of Terms used in Military

A false balcony, or railing at the outer plane of a window. Abutment or abuttal a construction that takes the thrust of an arch or vault or supports the end of a bridge architectonic denoting, relating to, or having architectural qualities architectonics the science of architecture astylar without columns or pilasters bolster a short horizontal length of timber. The design, proportioning, and disposition (arrangement) of openings in a building.

The Basic Scheme Or Concept For An Architectural Design, Represented By A Diagram.

A number of similar things that occur together. To fix or mark the limits of. A list of architectural terms.

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Architects are required to make decisions. A false balcony, or railing at the outer plane of a window. Relating to, resembling, or having a graph that is a line and especially a straight line.

Program This Is A Word Architects Like To Throw Around — A.

An acroterion or acroterium is an architectural ornament placed on a flat base called the acroter or plinth, and mounted at the apex of the pediment of a building in the classical style. If you’re wondering about the term, it refers to the paper’s likeness to a cheap sheet of toilet paper. Also know as a stringcourse.

The Design, Proportioning, And Disposition (Arrangement) Of Openings In A Building.

This is a list of terms used in classical architecture. A triangular element used over doors and windows pendant an ornamental feature that hangs down from a supporting structure or architectural feature pier a massive vertical support of masonry, placed under columns, arches or walls to support a concentration of loads pilaster An architect is a person who plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings.

For Ruskin, The Aesthetic Was Of Overriding Significance.

These are the terms of use (terms of use) upon which you (the user) are entitled to access and use the royal institute of british architects (riba) website at www.architecture.com and all subdomains, including, without limitation, members.architecture.com, friends.architecture.com and awards.architecture.com (collectively, the site) and will continue in force until such time as. Architecture is the planning, design and construction of buildings and other large structures. Many terms are a bit mundane and yet relevant to the process.

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